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Bring on the FLAVOR!

Mickey-Jays was built on the love for cooking. From Pasta spices to BBQ rubs and sauces, from Fish batter to Wild Game seasoning, we have you covered on all things cooking!!
Some of the meals customers have made using Mickey-Jays
-Chicken and shirmp Alfredo
-Pulled Pork
-Wing night
-Taco Night
-Cauliflower Bites
-Stuffed Pork Loin

Best BBQ Sauce in Canada

At Mickey-Jays...

We focus on bringing high end, five-star quality BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Spices to all of the home cooks in Canada. With restaurants costing more and more its always a let down when you go out for dinner and leave disappointed thanks to bland, boring meals. Here at Mickey-Jays we want to give our customers the chance to make award-winning food with powerful Canadian flavors that everyone enjoys.
When we started this venture, we always thought of different meals and ideas and worked off those ideas to create new blends. Whether it's chicken wings with Cajun and Honey Garlic, or pasta with garlic bread made with Rub Down 101. We want to ensure you love every bite of what ever you make! Who wants to blow money on mediocre food when you can make five-star meals right at home with Mickey-Jays BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Spices!

Gluten Free / No Additives / No Fillers

Every product we make has zero additives and zero fillers. We are always working to come up with new products that shows our commitment to our customers.

This involves everyone in Canada that might want to spend a nice BBQ night using our products, be it for a Spice contest with Triple C's Hot Spice & Rubs or a cookout against your friends with our fan favorite S/P/G and Rubdown 101.

It's our mission to make our products available for everyone no matter their circumstances.

"Here at Mickey-Jays we not only create new products for our customers but we also like to show people how to use them"