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The Mother Load

The Mickey pack was inspired by Mike Williams the Co-Founder of Mickey-Jays.  Mike choose these packs because these are what he uses in his everyday life. Whether its a simple lunch, or a low and slow cook that takes all day. If the world came to an end and Mike could only choose certain products this is what he chooses as his ammo.
This pack includes the built for all kinds of meals.

Racked up: Built by and for the lovers of meat!
Some great, easy, meats to be used with racked up are:
Burgers, Ribs, Roast, Steaks, Ground Meat, and Wild Game.

Hicktown showdown is an everything sauce. From perogies to Steak and potatoes this is a great condiment for any meal.

SPG: I use SPG on just about everything I make. Its replaced just having salt and pepper on the table each night for dinner. 

Sweet Honey BBQ: This is great for when I just want something that is nice and easy in flavor but still pairs well with any of the rubs in this pack. It was our first BBQ sauce and it's also our top seller!

Triple C's Cajun: A staple to our kitchen. Justin and I use this rub on a regular basis. As justin says: It really bring the SPICE TO LIFE. We started the company with this rub and whether its chicken dinner, Cauliflower bites, or just plain old french fries. We have combined this rub with so many meals that the possibilities are endless!