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Our Story - The Motivation

Mike and Justin - How they met

"We met at our old workplace long ago, Justin had just started working there and he was actually assigned to work under my supervision. After becoming best friends we noticed how both of us had a deep passion for cooking and especially BBQ culture. This was the beginning of Mickey-Jays, funnily enough the name comes from the nicknames we both gave each other, Mike being Mickey and Justin being Jay" -Mike

From left to right: Justin and Mike



How we discovered the BBQ World


- Mike Williams' Story -

"When I was a kid I was heavily influenced by my grandmother. My Nana was always big on making fresh, natural food with great flavor. With a heavy background in the culinary industry my Nana was keen on showing me how to use fresh spices and creating meals instead of taking the easy route. From that point on I was hooked. I moved to northern Ontario and continued to learn about spices and combinations through my Uncle Mike.

When I moved out on my own I was able to continue that passion and love while being on the road traveling Canada. From Newfoundland, learning more about fish recipes and combinations, to Alberta and British Columbia learning more about wild game and red meat and the potent flavors they can produce. I have always wanted to start a business to not only share the unique flavors I have created but show the passion and true love that I share for this" - Mike

- Justin Miller's Story -


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Where we see ourselves and the company in 5 years


"I like to be optimistic and think outside the box for everything I do, this includes myself and my business. I see myself making sales all over the world to all kinds of clients, nothing would make me happier than seeing my product on the hands of someone on the other side of the world" -Mike

"I see Mickey-Jays being sold on all the retailers around the globe. Going worldwide is not only a dream but a fact, I wouldn't be surprised if our product took over the BBQ Industry, that's how much confidence I have in our business and myself" -Justin